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Send gifts to India
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About Us
We, the members of Ichchhapuron, are determined to excel in the field of gift service with sincere efforts to satisfy our clients including you. The service plan is done thoughtfully to match your emotions. We take care to present your gifts in a very homely way so that your family and friends feel the warmth of your love and affection. Our objective is to make the recipients feel very special through your presents.

Products & Services

Ichchhapuron specializes in gift service. Whenever and whatever you wish to gift your family and friends or yourself on a special occasion think of Ichchhapuron for an effective solution.

It offers a wide range of gift items ranging from flowers, sweets, cakes and greeting cards to sarees, designer blouses, salwar-kurtas, fashion jewelry, books, CDs and movie tickets. Our special service has much more.

Perishable food items are sent only in and around Kolkata. Dry food can be sent to other parts of India as well. All the other articles are sent to any part of the world. Of course shipping charges will be added.

We take 24 hours for processing and delivering orders in and around Kolkata. For certain items like garments, jewelry, electronic appliances, a little more time is neded.

We accept master card and visa. We are a registered Paypal user and can accept payment through a secured site.

You can also pay by money order, check and draft. Please send the check payable to Baisakhi Dasgupta at the US address. We will process your order once the check is encashed. We do not do any cash-on-delivery orders.

Avail our service once, we assure you 100% satisfaction.