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" I am very happy with Ichchapuran's professionalism and services. The recipients are also impressed with quality of the sweets. Hopeful to say that I will like to continue my patronage with you in future and recommend Ichchapuran to my friends."

Sougata Mallik, Ontario, Canada, January, 2013

" Saree-punjabi pora hoyechilo ... Thanx to ichchapuron,for fulfilling my wish."

Tomali Ghosh Dasgupta, Cheshire, UK, October, 2012

" This is my first experience with you and I find it better than many other companies I had used in the past."

Radhashree Maitra, Bronx, NY, October, 2012

" Thank you for the arrangement and also sending me pictures of that.I really liked the service."

Suranjana Goswami, Ohio,Usa, October, 2012

" Thank you so much for such a prompt delivery...nice to have such a professional service available to send things over from the US..."

Keya Mukherjee, Florida, USA, August, 2012

" Thanks for the timely delivery as well as sending me the pictures. Nice job, as always. "

Sumit Bose, Niskayuna, NY, USA, June, 2012

" Wonderful job done, thank you again with all the care taken to deliver the gift. Very satisfied with ur service "

Sumana Mohanta, Glendale, CA, USA, May, 2012

" Thank you so much for the Christmas delivery.The food was really good and special thanks for the pastries and the card. You people always surprise me with thoughtful, beautiful gifts as a bonus ---a specialty of Ichchhapuron,truly appreciated."

Santasree Dutta, Los Angeles, CA, USA, December, 2011

"This shows the level of great services that you offer which is definitely a gesture of outstanding performance. Your entire service process from order placing to delivery has exceeded my expectation...totally overwhelmed. A great service performance that would help you stay in business for long long time. "

Uttar Banerjee, NJ, USA, December, 2011

"Many Thanks for your services ... yes, I found them to my satisfaction. Hope to use your services sometime again in future. "

Sagnik Biswas, Mumbai, India

"Thanks for all my ‘ sarees and designer ’ blouses. I plan to stay in touch with Ichchhapuron in future."

Sheela Bhattacharjee, New Jersey